Monday, January 21, 2013

Hollywood Sign

The great American cultural icon that everyone around the world recognize even if they don’t speak English. The sign that signifies and glorifies glamor and allure and fame… This is Hollywood, baby! Bus Company Los Angeles checks out the Hollywood sign.
Originally an advertisement it received its undue recognition today after it was left where it was. The sign overlooks the district of Hollywood and although it has been the target of vandalism it is now under the care of the Hollywood Sign Trust.
Of course, any signage that has been left out as long as the iconic sign (it was first put up in 1923) would find deterioration and needs upkeep. The latest restoration to be done on the sign is painting it with Sherwin-Williams Emerald™ Exterior paint.
There were also calls for donations to save the landmark. Most notable donors are Warner Bros. Records (letter ‘O’), Alice Cooper (the other ‘O’), and Hugh Hefner (‘Y’).
Of course, being that famous means that copycats will come out of the sawdust and there have been many around the world. Some of our favorites are in Brasov, Romania; Hervanta, Finland; Hammerstrand, Sweden and Mosgiel, New Zealand.
Bus Company Los Angeles can transport you to and fro your hotel and Mount Lee in Griffin Park if you wish to see the Hollywood Sign up close.

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