Friday, January 25, 2013

Down and around in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, because of all its Hollywood glamor and glitz, and Beverly Hills pretentiousness, has a reputation of being a city where finding good food at reasonable prices can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be so, as you take a rental bus ride through Los Angeles and visit some of the best places to find eats that won’t break your wallet. Travel through Los Angeles in style and comfort as you look out for value for money places to eat with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus rented from Bus Company Los Angeles.
As you head down Beverly Boulevard in your charter bus, you’ll come across Tommy’s, a Los Angeles classic. Serving delightfully disgusting sloppy chili burgers and hot dogs round the clock since the 1940s, Tommy’s is a favorite of the after hours party crowd. There is next to no seating, and lines can be long, but regular patrons and fans will tell you that is part of the charm.
For a real L.A. experience, cruise down Hollywood Boulevard in your rental bus till you come across Yuca’s. This tiny but amazing taco shack features conchinita pibil that melts in your mouth, and some outrageous carnitas. If you’re really hurting in the wallet department, Yuca’s serves some of the best, cheapest burritos in Los Angeles. Take away is preferred, since seating is limited to a few bar stools.
Exotic food in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be expensive, as you’ll find out when you stop your rental bus at Berlin Currywurst. Located down on West Sunset Boulevard, this minimalist eatery serves their interpretation of German street food. Various types of sausages and a selection of spicy sauces allow you to make your own currywurst, paired with great fries. Managed by a group of young Berliners, Berlin Currywurst’s shockingly affordable menu offsets your complaints about the limited seating.
Tito’s Tacos has been a fixture in Culver City since 1959, serving hearty Mexican food at reasonable prices. Just a short rental bus ride away, a stop at Tito’s sees you falling in love with it unbelievably fresh and delicious crispy tacos and burritos to die for. There is absolutely no ambiance to speak, orders are shouted across the room, and seating can be very challenging. You will have to be patient with the long lines, but the wait is well worth it.
In-N-Out may be your stereotypical fast food burger chain, but this SoCal icon has a fanatical following of its simple, mind blowing patties and real milkshakes. Served in simple, bright vintage settings by an organized team of smiling staff, In-N-Out may have perfected what fast food should be, but rarely ever is. No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a stop.
When visiting Los Angeles, allow Bus Company Los Angeles to help you with your rental bus transportation. Choose from their fleet of rental buses that will suit any size group and let them help you with their friendly, personalized service.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Enlisting A Bus Company Los Angeles Sightseeing And More

When it comes to a beautiful area of the country that is so full of life such as Los Angeles, it is imperative that you think of the best possible way to get the most out of your adventure. After all, you want to remember all of the sights and attractions without having to deal with any of the hassles. One of the most economical ways to do this is to enlist the help of a bus company. Los Angeles is filled with plenty of places to stop and enjoy the sights and having a reliable transportation company is a must.
There are numerous reasons to book a charter with a bus company, Los Angeles is just one of many destinations you can choose. With a professional courtesy driver to take your group just where you need to go, you can leave all of your worries behind and look forward to the trip instead of dreading the drive. Whether it is your church group, school group, or even a family reunion trip, this is the best way to travel.
Hiring a bus company Los Angeles-style will help you to get around in an area that may be foreign to you. This way you do not have to deal with trying to find parking or taking on all of the hassles that can come along with heavy traffic. Your driver is there to help you get just where you would like to go, in a safe manner and all within your designated time frame.
Los Angeles has a huge number of opportunities for sightseeing as well being a major hub for business. Choose a sun and sand tour and escape the snows of winter with your group, check out the beautiful, historical buildings or perhaps you would like to do a little bit of star gazing or shopping while you are on your bus company Los Angeles outing.
Booking your trip with us is easy, just let our professional customer service representatives know when you want to book your charter bus trip, how many people you'd like to take along for the ride and where you'd like to go. Check out he Hollywood Walk of Fame so you can look at some of the names of thousands of entertainers along the sidewalk. Also, there is no better time to take a detour over to Rodeo Drive to do some shopping at all of the famous stores and shops and top off your Los Angeles charter bus excursion with a stop at one of the restaurants where the stars go to be seen.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

L.A. Auto Show

Rolling into Los Angeles with Coach Bus Los Angeles means traveling into town with one of the sweetest, most comfortable limo or bus rides you can find around.
Los Angeles is known the world over for it’s for its car culture and it is an interesting fact to learn more about when you are here for your group charter trip. From Caddies to Chevys and from Street Customs to Hot Rods, LA has them all. From November 30 to December 9 2012, the Los Angeles Convention Center will play host to the world renowned LA Auto Show.
Covering an exhibition space of 760,000 sq ft, the motor show is open to the public for ten days and is usually kicked off with a an annual charity night – Sneak Preview Night, which takes place on the Thursday night before doors open to the public. Tickets for this preview are available for purchase in ‘General’ or ‘Gold Area’ with proceeds donated to the Homeless Healthcare Los Angeles
and One Voice.
When you learn more about it when you rent a coach charter from Bus Company Los Angeles, be prepared to see the future of the automotive world unveiled as every year, the event sees numerous International and North American debuts of all sorts of vehicles from the world’s global automotive players. Expect to see dozens of ultra luxury and futuristic concept cars, more than 40 new vehicle debuts and browse amongst the thousand cars on display as well as the dozens of cars you can actually test drive.
Charter bus rental tourists are often reminded not to forget your camera or autograph books as there will be countless celebrities who will be making appearances at the manufacturer exhibits. Better still, grab some merchandise for them to sign!
The international motoring media will also be out in full force and it attracts lots of bus charter rental visitors from all over the world as it is media event that include a breakfast sponsored by the Motor Press Guild, the “Green Car of the Year” award, the Design LA Conference, the Green Cars Ride & Drive, and the Design LA Conference.
Children will dream, aspire and be inspired whilst piston heads of all ages will get their fill of car-nal gluttony and you’ll be dreaming of all the cars you saw at the LA Auto Show while traveling home in style with Coach Bus Los Angeles.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Welcome to the city of Angels

Many people travel to Los Angeles to see the bright lights, other to experience the attractions that the city has to offer. Travel in on a Bus Company Los Angeles party bus, charter bus, coach charter, mini bus or school bus or limo and you’re coming in for experience that you’ll be talking about to your grand children.
One of the best places to experience Los Angeles is at the Walt Disney concert Hall. The crown of the jewel of the LA Music Center, the auditorium was designed by Frank Gehry and boasts wonderful acoustics and an open platform stage. You can enjoy a variety of musical performances when you get off the rented coach charter from acts or catch the internationally acclaimed, Gustavo Dudamel–led LA Philharmonic and the LA Master Chorale that call the concert hall home.
For a different experience, get your party bus and hang out with some puppets. Although thought to be a dying art, one puppeteer who has been keeping the tradition alive by staging original shows in his own theater at the Bob Baker Marionette Theater. From with sexy Parisian pussycats, space goons and singing watermelons. Bob Baker has been entertaining theater goers since 1961 so catch his show as soon as you can as he a living legend who is one of the last of his kind.
If acts on a string don’t tickle your fancy, then perhaps you might prefer actors who tickle your funny bone. Drop by in the charter bus the Upright Citizens Brigade Theater for cutting edge comedy that charts new territory by mingling styles in three to four performances per night. Look out for their acclaimed Asssscat improv show. Point to note is that there's no bar but you’re allowed to bring your own drinks and there’s a supermarket nearby that stocks all the essentials.
For music lovers who love to load up on independent music, head over to Amoeba in the rented charter bus. This eclectic record shop has a treasure trove of rare music and hard to find artists. Their variety is astounding and their staff are up to date on their music, so whether you’re a DJ, music buff or just looking to load up your iPod, this is the place to go for music.
So welcome to the city angels and let it welcome you the best way it can, with music, laughter, entertainment all the way that you’ll be dreaming off when you’re on your journey back home from Los Angeles on your party bus, charter bus or rented coach charter from Bus Company Los Angeles Bus Charter ride.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Hollywood Sign

The great American cultural icon that everyone around the world recognize even if they don’t speak English. The sign that signifies and glorifies glamor and allure and fame… This is Hollywood, baby! Bus Company Los Angeles checks out the Hollywood sign.
Originally an advertisement it received its undue recognition today after it was left where it was. The sign overlooks the district of Hollywood and although it has been the target of vandalism it is now under the care of the Hollywood Sign Trust.
Of course, any signage that has been left out as long as the iconic sign (it was first put up in 1923) would find deterioration and needs upkeep. The latest restoration to be done on the sign is painting it with Sherwin-Williams Emerald™ Exterior paint.
There were also calls for donations to save the landmark. Most notable donors are Warner Bros. Records (letter ‘O’), Alice Cooper (the other ‘O’), and Hugh Hefner (‘Y’).
Of course, being that famous means that copycats will come out of the sawdust and there have been many around the world. Some of our favorites are in Brasov, Romania; Hervanta, Finland; Hammerstrand, Sweden and Mosgiel, New Zealand.
Bus Company Los Angeles can transport you to and fro your hotel and Mount Lee in Griffin Park if you wish to see the Hollywood Sign up close.