Friday, January 25, 2013

Down and around in Los Angeles

Los Angeles, because of all its Hollywood glamor and glitz, and Beverly Hills pretentiousness, has a reputation of being a city where finding good food at reasonable prices can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be so, as you take a rental bus ride through Los Angeles and visit some of the best places to find eats that won’t break your wallet. Travel through Los Angeles in style and comfort as you look out for value for money places to eat with a charter bus, coach bus, party bus, mini bus, passenger coaches or school bus rented from Bus Company Los Angeles.
As you head down Beverly Boulevard in your charter bus, you’ll come across Tommy’s, a Los Angeles classic. Serving delightfully disgusting sloppy chili burgers and hot dogs round the clock since the 1940s, Tommy’s is a favorite of the after hours party crowd. There is next to no seating, and lines can be long, but regular patrons and fans will tell you that is part of the charm.
For a real L.A. experience, cruise down Hollywood Boulevard in your rental bus till you come across Yuca’s. This tiny but amazing taco shack features conchinita pibil that melts in your mouth, and some outrageous carnitas. If you’re really hurting in the wallet department, Yuca’s serves some of the best, cheapest burritos in Los Angeles. Take away is preferred, since seating is limited to a few bar stools.
Exotic food in Los Angeles doesn’t have to be expensive, as you’ll find out when you stop your rental bus at Berlin Currywurst. Located down on West Sunset Boulevard, this minimalist eatery serves their interpretation of German street food. Various types of sausages and a selection of spicy sauces allow you to make your own currywurst, paired with great fries. Managed by a group of young Berliners, Berlin Currywurst’s shockingly affordable menu offsets your complaints about the limited seating.
Tito’s Tacos has been a fixture in Culver City since 1959, serving hearty Mexican food at reasonable prices. Just a short rental bus ride away, a stop at Tito’s sees you falling in love with it unbelievably fresh and delicious crispy tacos and burritos to die for. There is absolutely no ambiance to speak, orders are shouted across the room, and seating can be very challenging. You will have to be patient with the long lines, but the wait is well worth it.
In-N-Out may be your stereotypical fast food burger chain, but this SoCal icon has a fanatical following of its simple, mind blowing patties and real milkshakes. Served in simple, bright vintage settings by an organized team of smiling staff, In-N-Out may have perfected what fast food should be, but rarely ever is. No visit to Los Angeles is complete without a stop.
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