Tuesday, June 4, 2013

A Night Of Enchantment With David Minkin

If you are tired of the usual dinner dates with your spouse, it is time that you take it up a notch - make the dinner date extra magical - literally. After you have pre-arranged for a rented bus to take both of you out for a special evening, make it even more magical (pun intended!) by bringing her to “David Minkin’s Evening of Enchantment” at 1737 Vine Street, Los Angeles, CA 90028 for an unforgettable evening.
David Minkin’s Evening of Enchantment is not just any other ordinary magic performance. It is a time for you to enjoy mystical magic while you and your spouse wine and dine at the Avalon Theater where he performs. As you make your way there, your friendly Los Angeles rental bus driver may have already even shared with you some of the remarkable reviews of this magician.
Having won a couple of awards and praises of many, as well as appearing on TV programs, David Minkin’s magical “tricks” are not just something that you would see amateur magicians on the streets perform. He literally keeps your eyes on him as he maneuvers his hands and move on the stage.

Upon entering the Avalon Theater, you will be led to a staircase which will then take you through a mystical and candle let hideaway before you are seated at your table. The magic show does not start immediately as you will enjoy wine tasting with hors d'oeuvres during the first hour upon arrival. After that, you and your spouse will soon begin to enjoy a spectacular performance by one of the world’s top magicians - David Minkin.
Some may think that a world class magician like David Minkin would be quite aloof and snobbish, but it is not so with David. Other than his charisma on stage, he is also a humble and friendly person off stage. Many who have watched him perform will testify of this fact.
Having said that, if you always thought that magic is something that can be explained away, you will not say this anymore after watching David Minkin. With David, he literally does not need any warming up before he proceeds with his “trickier” performances. You just can’t tell how he does what he does because he is really that good! And here’s a little tip: if he asks for an assistant from the audience, be the first one to volunteer!
After a night of magic and great wine and food, we bet even the ride home in the rented bus would be a magical moment too!

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